Introducing ourselves:

AMS stands for Automatic Machinery building with Systems and was founded in 1994. Since then we are engaged in the construction of machines for swing stopper bottles. Two of the company founders were working in the machine building industry and their attention was increasingly drawn to the need of a very special type of machine abroad.

With this idea in mind, we began developing a machine that is able to close bottles with swing stoppers and work with a high level of performance. A patent for a swing stopper closing machine was submitted in 1995, which is unique in the world in its design and compact construction.

In 1996, the first swing stopper closing machines were sold to France and Germany. The productivity could be doubled and the sales could be enhanced in subsequent years. Almost 100% of the systems and machines produced were exported. Our employees have several years of experience in the construction, production and maintenance of AMS machines. And we place their competence, knowledge and capabilities at the disposal and service of our customers.


With state of the art 3D-CAD drawing technology, our construction team works out solutions for your specific needs and ideas.


Our machines have a proven track record and we guarantee the availability of original spare parts years after commissioning.


We have many years of knownledge in the bottling industry and specialise in swing stopper bottle technology. This forms the basis for our machines which are designed to the highest technical standards. AMS machines have a high level of closing efficiency in an econcimical, constinuous operation mode. Our innovative technology and specific know-how is reflected by our numerous satisfied customers. To date, across the world AMS has developed, built, and commissioned nearly 200 special machines.