High pressure injection system - HPI

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What HPI sizes are available?

A HPI system injects a high pressure jet of water into an open bottle causing the contents to foam before the bottle is closed. The system is designed for use with carbonated drinks.

Description Manually Controlled HPI Automatically controlled HPI
Length mm 350 760
Width mm 400 550
Height mm 1.410 1.565
Weight kg 60 130
Power Consumption kW max 2,5 max 2,8
Water Consumption l/min (at 4 bar) 0,4 0,4

Functional description

Water is passed through a boiler and heated to a controlled temperature. The heated water is then sprayed/injected into the bottle. As the foam forms in the neck of the bottle it pushes the air out before being sealed. Through this process the shelf life of the product is increased.

Manually Controlled HPI

The HPI system is a self-standing unit, built from 1.4301 Stainless Steel. All the components required for the high pressure injection system are combined in a safe, space saving and modern design. This includes; heating element, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, solenoid valve, temperature sensor, bleed valve, etc.

The required pressure can be manually set using the Pressure regulator. The system is design for constant production speeds.

Automatically controlled HPI

The automated system uses the same stainless steel gear pump that is also included in our closing machines.

By the means of a rotary encoder the speed of the filler is calculated and the pressure in the HPI proportionally adjusted. This means that the filler speed is constantly being monitored by the controller and the ideal injection pressure is provided by the pump. This ensures that by every production speed the product has the optimal amount foam in the neck before being closed. The system is design for variable production speeds.

Simple Operation The Automatic HPI has a built in PP65 Powerpanel from Bernecker + Rainer. This Panel consists of a TFT-LCD Colour-Display Touch-Screen with a 320x240 pixel resolution.

Why AMS?

In addition to many years of industry experience and specialization in technology related to the swing lock, our systems have a high safety and quality standard. Standard-compliant machine components from leading manufacturers, the highest quality seals and the finest materials are used in this system and guarantee problem-free operation.

Product pictures

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Questions and Answers / Q & A:

Below you will find our answers to frequently asked questions:

What is the typical service life of AMS machines?

Our machines have a high safety and quality standard. The service life of an AMS machine depends on proper handling and compliance with the maintenance and lubrication intervals.

Our first swing stopper closing machine with no. 1 / built in 1995 has already changed hands for the fourth time and is still running without any problems.

How long are original spare parts for AMS machines available?

We try to have enough original spare and wear parts in stock for all new machine generations. However, we try to keep all AMS machines alive with suitable parts.

Are AMS machines built according to a hygiene concept?

We always value the best possible implementation of a hygiene concept on our machines. Systems that are located in the wet section of a filling system and from a machine size of BVM8 - 6000 have a rounded, electropolished table. With this we guarantee an immediate drainage of liquids. In addition, all of our plastic parts are made in natural white. This makes it easier to identify soiling or signs of use.

Which PLC is used in the AMS machines?

We have been relying on the Austrian PLC manufacturer B&R since 2009. We also purchase the servomotors, frequency converters and the safety technology from this manufacturer. Thus, the complete drive and safety technology comes from a single source.

Where can AMS machines of this type be viewed?

We are proud that our machines are in use all over the world. You are welcome to contact us regarding a visit to a type of system that has piqued your interest. We will find suitable references for you in our customer list and, if necessary, visit this machine with you.

We look forward to your inquiry!

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