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8. User comments – obligations of the customer

AMS Getränketechnik GmbH is not obliged to monitor information that you may place on your Website. You hereby guarantee that all information, materials (the term “materials” relates to all projects, files, or other attachments or comments, with the exception of personal data), that you can transfer via the Website will not damage any intellectual property rights or other applicable rights. Such information, materials or comments will be considered as non-confidential and non-protected. Through the provision of information or materials, you grant unlimited and irrevocable licensing rights in terms of the usage, implementation, display, amendment, and transfer of such information, materials, comments, including all considerations which form their basis, concepts or relevant expertise (the term “materials” includes all transferred projects, files or other attachments). AMS Getränketechnik GmbH reserves the right to use such information in any manner that it considers fit.

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