Service & Maintenance

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Customer service is not a department, ... it's everyone's job!

We have been following this motto for over 25 years. We believe that an excellent all-round customer support before AND after a machine purchase give us a better customer trust and loyalty. And that over several machine cycles!

In order to constantly achieve this goal, we rely on the competence of our factory employees and on the service employees who inspect the machines at the customer's site and service them if necessary. However, good machine care begins with proper training of the customer's staff.

Training courses

For each AMS machine, we offer training days in our factory. This machine training is usually carried out during pre-acceptance of the machine and consists of several points:
  Minimizing the "fear of touch" with a new machine
  Mechanical understanding of various processes in the machine
  Part naming and part description
  Reading the the machine documentation
  Introduction to PLC, visualization, electrics, safety technology and pneumatics
  Production simulation
  Error analysis and correction

We offer self-evident a subsequent machine training if requested by the customer.

Service & Maintenance

To ensure a reliable run of AMS machines for years, they should be regularly maintained by the customer in accordance with our maintenance instructions and inspected by our service technicians.We inform our customers twice a year about a service tour. On the one hand, this serves to inspect the machines, including wear and spare parts checks, and, on the other hand, to make any machine repairs. Our excellently trained service employees have comprehensive machine knowledge, from the oldest to the newest machine generations.

Supply of wear and spare parts

In addition to the annual inspections, it is also important to replace broken, missing or worn parts on the machines. We try to have enough original spare and wear parts in stock for all machine generations. However, if these are no longer in stock, we always try to keep all machines with the right parts in the best possible condition. At the dispatch of goods, we cooperate with well-known parcel service providers to guarantee safe and fast delivery. Shipping within Europe usually takes 3-4 working days. If a delivery has to be quick we also offer an overnight or express shipping.

For inquiries about original spare and wear parts, please use our global email address:

Further developments and upgrades

With a permanent advance in technical and hygienic requirements in the beverage industry, we are also constantly developing our machines. What sometimes starts as customer feedback can find its way into production after much consideration, design and testing phases. Some of these developments are not only reserved for the latest machine generations. We are always striving to adapt certain technical and hygienic improvements in the older AMS machines. In this way, we support the "preparation" of the machines for a long machine life and help the customer to operate his system in a long term.

Hotline & Helpline

In emergency case, you can reach us 24/7 on our service hotline:
+43 2662 45034-14


First we try to help the customer via telephone. If the fault localization turns out to be more difficult than expected, in most cases a service employee is required at the customer's site. The availability of our technicians depends on the location, as well as the entry regulations with regard to visa and vaccinations. Within Central Europe, support from our service technician is possible within 24 hours.

With the current Corona situation, there are country-specific travel warnings, travel advice and restrictions. Please note that we follow these closely to avoid any difficulties with the foreign authorities.